It would be better to start at the source of the story and that would be the "Tyranis Star System", a small cluster well outside our own that had been embroiled in a bitter war between its planets.
The Tyranis system is made up of only three planets and various moons scattered throughout, the largest of the planets is Braxiun and the other two are Pelazia and Ryzan.
Braxiun is a world rich in all resources while both Pelazia and Ryzan had limited commodities. 
Once a peaceful system, its harmony was broken by factional uprisings on the planet Ryzan, resulting in their governing body being made up of primarily warlord leaders vying for the rich resources on the planet Braxiun to build up their armies.
Over time the warlords of Ryzan had seized control of Braxiun and in doing so had slowly starved the more peaceful occupants of Pelazia of the necessary resources to survive.
This action prompted the Pelazians to look elsewhere for the necessary resources, to bolster their armies, to claim back territories taken by the Ryzan hordes during the uprisings.
A group of Pelazian scientists sent out drones to scourer the universe to locate worlds with the right materials to help them with their plight and by doing so a small blue planet was discovered in an adjoining star system, that planet was Earth during our early 1900s
Once Earth was discovered a ship containing Pelazian scientists and explorers was sent to research Earth's people and technologies to find out how they could be utilised to help them.
After a short time it was decided by the mission leaders to make first contact with our world and in doing so decided to contact a small select group of humans to whom they could reveal themselves.
A small secret scientific conference was being held in a small town in the USA called Roswell in the state of New Mexico to discuss their research away form the prying eyes of the rest of the scientific community.
Hearing of this conference the pelazians chose this as their first point of contact with humans.
Some of earths greatest minds were present on this day which included the likes of the Wright Brothers, Marconi, Albert Einstein, Frank Hornby, Lee de Forest, Ernest Rutherford.
Once revealed to the small band of astonished scholars the palazians proceeded to explain the problems their planet was facing at the hands of the Ryzan warlords  to the scientists and to ask them to help and of course scientists being scientists the project was excepted with great enthusiasm.
Soon the secret society A.W.A.R.D. was formed, short for Alien Weapon And Research Department, to aid the pelazians in their plight.
With the Ryzan warlords having control of Braxiun the Pelazian had no access to raw materials to produce alloys similar to our steel, so due to resolve this dilemma, weapons were produced here on earth using our materials. With all of the pelazians technology back on their home world the limited technology available here on earth was utilised to try and create weapons that could be manufactured here and taken back to Pelazia.
One piece of pelazian technology that was immediately used in weapon development was the Trekonian battery.
This battery produced electric currents similar to our own electricity but with greater energy levels all compacted into a small power cells about the size of a common matchbox. The power source in these battery cells were crystal in nature which, according to the pelazians, could only be recharged using the energy signature from the Tyrinus sun and could not be recharged using our own sun.
Over the next thirty seven years many scientists were recruited into the A.W.A.R.D society, working alongside pelazian scientists to develop and deploy weapons back to the troops in the Tyrinus system to battle the Ryzan hoards on Braxiun.
It was in the summer of 1937 that a meeting was called by the Pelazians to announce that they had overthrown the Ryzan warlords and seized back its territories on Braxiun, and long term peaceful negotiations had begun to consolidate equal territories on the resource rich Braxiun   
Due to the great secrecy of the A.W.A.R.D society all records during its existence were stored on Pelazian data bases and with their exodus all the records were lost. Next to no hand written evidence had yet been discovered or revealed and remarkably the very existance of the project has remained secret until recently, when a large vault was dicovered in a remote New Mexico mountain range.
Fortunately many weapons developed by A.W.A.R.D. remained in these vaults along with some information about how they were used, and their purpose in battle . All of the weapons found were no longer able to be activated as the power sources had long run out.
It's a testament to the men and women who helped save the pelazian planet and her people.They showed the true pioneer attitude of the men and women of science in those early days of discovery.  




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